This blog deals with all the crucial theoretical and practical problems related to the multiple possibilities of combining music and comix.

Apparently there is no way in which music and comic strips could be combined. The reason for this it is more than obvious: although music does have a written form, scores are not music at all; music is ontologically made of sounds and therefore it doesn’t have anything to do with comix. However, this assumption could be easily falsified, or at least proved not sufficiently grounded to prevent a serious investigation. In fact, Music and Comix have a long lasting “love affair”. For instance, the original title of the comic strip aka Yellow Kid, Hogan’s Alley, is taken from the musical Reilly and the 400 (Harring-Brahm, 1890), and Yellow Kid himself appeared aside of several illustrated scores. Now the question is: why should we concentrate our research on “Music and the Moving Image” and leave aside the more primitive and founding relation between Music and the Static Image?

I sincerely do expect that, with the precious help of all the visitors of Music and Comix blog, this interdisciplinary research will unveil new theoretical and communicative possibilities for the combination of music and comix. Thank you in advance.

Andrea Garbuglia




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